lifeblood is a hyperfocused Jekyll theme for documentation – clean, customizable, cutesy.
it’s designed as the theme for victus’ documentation, while being available for all to use.

quick start

if your site is hosted on GitHub Pages, you can add lifeblood to your site’s _config.yml as a remote theme:

remote_theme: sporeball/lifeblood

gem-based theme

alternatively, you can install lifeblood as a gem-based theme.

  1. add the gem to your Gemfile:
    gem "lifeblood"
  2. change the theme parameter in your _config.yml:
    theme: lifeblood
  3. use Bundler’s bundle command to update all bundled gems.


you’ll want to use your pages’ front matter to determine how your site’s navigation will appear.

also of note are the various customization options available, including both CSS and site variables.


lifeblood is heavily inspired by the Just the Docs theme by Patrick Marsceill.
it also borrows some ideas from Water.css by Kognise.

the nav icon and site favicon are taken from the Feather icon set by Cole Bemis.