we pretty much just do what we do for fun, but all of these lovely people have, at one time or another, taken notice, and decided to throw money at us by any of the following means. thank you all so much.

the idea for this page was shamelessly stolen from Nicky Case.


flame tier

no one yet…

spark tier

no one yet…

twinkle tier
Austin Harman – Brandi Moody


6×337 (I)

Pranav Teegavarapu ($25)
Cara Salter ($10)
Arianna Martinelli ($5)
Arcade Wise ($3)
Laker Turner ($1)

so much

Laker Turner ($1)
Matt Ronchetto ($1)

43×47 (II)

Laker Turner ($1)

43×47 (I)

Matthew Stanciu ($10)
Laker Turner ($1)