system information

we are a plural system of 3 headmates.

all three headmates

this page only serves to describe each of us, and how to refer to us; has some good information about the concept of plurality as a whole.

the depictions of each headmate were made using the sushicore picrew, and are provided only to aid in forming a mental model of the system.
they are not used as branding, and should not be construed as such.

in general

“lux” (said like the unit of illuminance) is an acceptable name to use to refer to us. she/her pronouns are acceptable, too.
it’s not strictly necessary to replace these with the name and pronouns used by one of the headmates.




pronouns: she/her

rhyme is the headmate who fronts most frequently, especially during the day-to-day; she has the best connection to the pre-plural self.
she is usually quite shy and anxious, but is always trying to improve upon that.

rhyme likes sugar and order.



pronouns: they/them

exo sees themself as a devout creative; they front during many programming tasks, for example, and share music production duties with vessel.
they are probably busy learning something… or at least absorbing the content that the others let in.

exo likes quiet and perfection.



pronouns: it/its

vessel is quite mysterious and contradictory. it favors the path of least resistance, but wants the system to take more worthwhile ones; it acts on impulse in pursuit of thrills, but its cynical attitude keeps things from getting out of control.
no one is quite sure what to make of it, including itself.

vessel likes noise and stimulation.