nimmoi is a soft Jekyll theme for simple sites.
it’s used in the redesigned version of, and takes inspiration from sites like and


install nimmoi as a gem-based theme by (1) adding this line to your Gemfile:

gem "nimmoi"

(2) adding this line to your _config.yml file:

theme: nimmoi

and (3) running bundle.

or use it as a remote GitHub Pages theme by (1) adding this line to your _config.yml file:

remote_theme: sporeball/nimmoi


very few niceties are made available, which will be listed below. the rest should just be plain old page writing.


italic text is slightly brighter than normal text, as seen here.
the same color is used for small elements and the text of the footer.

h4 elements will have no spacing between themselves and any p element placed directly afterwards.
this is not the case for h5 and h6 elements, which are so small it’s recommended to avoid their use.

links are blue and bold, as seen here.

links with the target="_blank" attribute will add an asterisk after the link text, to show that they will open in a new tab.

page titles

the title property in each page’s front matter determines what is displayed by your browser; it will also automatically be displayed in an h1 at the top of the page.

if a page has the same title property as _config.yml, the title displayed by your browser will instead become “home”.

set the footer property in your _config.yml file to change the text displayed there.